Warren Virginia Protective Orders Laws

This order is issued by the judge or magistrate that is legal to provide the full protection to the person who is suffering from physical or sexual abuse by their family or household’s member or partner. This is issued in case of stalking to protect the safety and health of the person and to control the domestic violence as well not only to them infect the court provides protection for their families as well.

Domestic Violence:

In the Warren Virginia protective orders laws, the domestic violence is also known as family abuse. They can involve the different activities such as threat, force, and violence but it is not limited to any forceful act. Sometimes the situation can be exceeded in the face of bodily injury, death or mentally sickness due to fear.  These are the types of domestic violence that can be a big crime.

Situation Of Obtaining Protective Order:

There are the different situations where we can help you to obtain the protective order if you feel unsafe just because of the following reasons.

  • Sexual, battery assault
  • In case of stalking
  • Threats against you and your family in the result of that you may get injure badly or if you have a fear that the person will give you any harm

We can also help in the other case if the protective order is issued against you and the reason can be the following.

  • Your partner seeking leverage against you in child custody or divorce case as well
  • If you are blamed for a conflict
  • If you are involved in an incident where any person get injured or harmed

These situations can be making a cause of obtaining protective order form court. The Warren Virginia protective orders laws are very strict in case of providing protection to the victim.

Hire A Lawyer For Your Case:

Hiring a lawyer for you is not necessary you can obtain the protective order directly without hiring any person but it plays an important role in this type of situations. Hiring a lawyer may guide you better either if you are a victim or abuser.

  • The lawyer will help you to find the evidence if you are a victim
  • Help you to guide during all the process and explain you all the laws or rules of the court
  • Will explain the entire situation on behalf of you in front of the judged

How Can The Protective Order Help You?

Warren Virginia protective orders laws are perfect to protect the person from any act of family abuse. These laws will help you in the following ways

  • The court will issue an order to the abused that they should not contact you by phone, text, at work, home or any other place.
  • The court will order the abuser that they have to leave the apartment that you and the abused are sharing with each other even if it is the abuser’s home.
  • Can Grant you children custody
  • Order the abuser to pay the support for you and your children
  • Order the abuser that they have to pay the fees of a lawyer.

Traffic Lawyer in Warren VA

Many traffic violations might not cause a big deal. On the other hand, some of the offenses or individuals having the records of repeating offenses are at an increased risk of being charged with the violation of traffic laws. If you have cited for the violation of traffic laws and wanted to fight with the charges, you can acquire assistance from the platform of our firm. We allow you to seek services and legal advice from traffic lawyer in Warren VA, for developing the strong defense against charges.

Our firm’s traffic lawyer in Warren VA possesses experience in representing individuals who have been charged with any of the traffic law violations in the State of VA. Our lawyers are expert in dealing with the cases of driving on a suspended license, driving without the license, reckless driving, over speeding, running the red light and arrange of other matters.

The traffic lawyer in Warren VA is well aware that some of the traffic violation carries serious penalties. For instance, reckless driving can end you up in prison. In addition, in case of drunk driving, you might lose your driving license, and might be charged with the fine or even thousands of dollars. Even minor infractions are likely to result in penalties having multiple citations. Traffic violations can also result in a considerable increment in the insurance premium. The individuals having the charge due to a violation of traffic laws are also at an increased risk of losing their driving license. The penalties for violating traffic laws can be a serious headache for drivers driving out-of-states. For this reason, it is essential to seek accurate guidance and legal assistance from competent, skilled, and experienced lawyers. Similar to other crimes, you possess the right to challenge traffic violations. The government has to prove beyond the doubt that you were involved in the alleged infractions. The charges can be questioned on several grounds.

Possessing expertise, skills, and experience in dealing with the citations related to traffic laws, our firm’s lawyers are best traffic lawyer in Warren VA. We suggest that building up of strong evidence with reference to the citations related to the traffic laws; you must have the complete idea about the intensity of charges. We also believe that you must possess a strong idea about the potential consequences of charges. Our lawyers provide the honest opinion to you by considering all facts and figures and by including most appropriate options related to legal decisions.

The competent traffic lawyer in Warren VA associated with our firm will value your advice and will focus on performing collaborative efforts for dealing with the case. Our defenders possess the experience to deal with a range of cases and assure to provide best possible legal assistance to you. If you want to challenge the alleged traffic violations, we can assist you. The services offered from our platform allow you to maintain your reputation in the society. We deliver effectively and result from oriented defense against allegations from our platform. We offer to contact us on the immediate basis. Our lawyers will present the strong defense against citation related to violation of traffic laws.

Sexual Battery in Henrico Virginia

What is a sexual battery in Henrico Virginia?

Sexual battery refers to the sexual crime where the offender forcefully maintains a sexual contact with the victim. This may include Intentional touching, grabbing or groping. Sexual battery is defined as touching the intimate parts of an individual without their consent with an intention of arousing them. This even includes threating a 3rd party to touch the intimate parts of the victim.

The difference between Sexual Battery and Rape

The main difference between a sexual battery and a rape is that rape involves intercourse, whereas a sexual battery does not involve a sexual intercourse.  The offender can touch the victim over the clothes as well as he can forcefully unclothe him/her.

What is Henrico Virginia Aggravated Sexual Battery?

According to Fairfax Virginia Code, Section 18.2-67.4, the aggravated sexual battery charges are applied in the following conditions:

  1. The victim of the offense is a minor under 13 years
  2. The victim of the offense is a mentally incapable or physically disabled person
  3. The offender is the direct guardian of the minor aged 13 to 17 years old, such as parent or a grandparent
  4. The victim is seriously injured during the offense
  5. The offender has used a dangerous weapon to threaten the victim

Penalties of sexual battery in Henrico Virginia

The penalties of sexual battery vary with the criminal offense

  1. For Aggravated Sexual Battery, the offender has to face the jail time of one to twenty years along with a fine of a $100,000 maximum
  2. For Attempted Sexual Battery, the offender has to face imprisonment for One to five years along with a fine of $2500 maximum
  3. For Sexual Battery when Infected, the offender has to face five-year imprisonment along with a fine of $2500 maximum
  4. For Sexual Battery, the offender has to face One-year imprisonment along with a fine of $2500 maximum

Apart from these penalties a sex offender even has to register themselves in the sex offender registry of the state. Registering as a sex offender in the state’s registry has many disadvantages in a longer run.

Disadvantages of sex offender registry in Henrico Virginia

If your name is registered in the sex offender registry of the state, you might have to face many restrictions even after completing your initial penalties. These restrictions also include the Residency Restrictions where the sex offenders are not allowed to reside within the 1,000 feet perimeters of any educational institute, a childcare facility, or near the victim’s residence.

Can a professional sex crime defense lawyer help me in defending sexual battery charges in Hanover Virginia?

A professional sex crime practicing defense lawyer can help you a lot in mitigating your charges in Hanover Virginia. The experienced defense lawyer would help you in designing a perfect defense strategy based on your evidence, which could help you in turning the case in your favor. Apart from this, the Professional sex crime defense lawyer of Hanover Virginia will represent you in the court, dealing with the harsh prosecutors firmly.


If someone is charged with a reckless driving offense in Fairfax, the most important step to be taken is defending the future against the criminal charges. Reckless driving attorney Fairfax is focused to represent their clients that have been charged with any kind reckless driving offense in Fairfax VA.

Reckless driving attorney Fairfax focuses all the traffic laws, and with all the legal information that they have, they represent their clients and assist them as per their criminal case. The defense attorney in Fairfax has their practice areas limited that helps them to focus and concentrate on becoming familiar with the operation of every particular court. The detailed knowledge about courts, criminal charges, and penalties help the Reckless driving attorney Fairfax to advise their clients in a best possible way.

Under the law of Fairfax, Virginia, reckless driving offenses come under Class 1 Misdemeanor. Offenses that comes under class 1 misdemeanor are the criminal offenses which are punishable by up to 12 months in jail and a penalty fine of about $2,500. In addition to this, the license of an offender will also be suspended for up to 6 months. Reckless driving is a serious offense that carries 6 points which can stay on offender’s DMV record for at least 11 years.

One of the most common kinds of reckless driving is over speeding. According to the law code 46.2- 862, over speeding is charged when a driver is exceeding the maximum speed limit of an area to 20 miles per hour or 80 miles per hour regardless of the maximum posted speed limit. Additionally, there are more severe reckless driving offenses described under the law code 46.2- 852 that are considered to endanger yourself, someone else or any property. This kind of cases is mostly cited in the accident cases when the damage is severe.

Our Reckless driving attorney Fairfax are well-experienced and focused on their work. The offer the best representation of their clients and work attentively to carry the best outcome possible.

Our Reckless driving attorney Fairfax helps their clients in the understanding of the criminal charges that they can face. They assist their clients from the discussion of the case to the court proceedings.

The reckless driving offense is not a speeding ticket, but it can be charged as one. The law of Fairfax VA is very strict on the reckless driving offense. Because of the growth rate of accidents in Fairfax, VA, it is a priority of the lawmakers and local authorities to monitor and control the reckless driving offenses. The prosecutors and judges have also become very harsh on these offenses, especially if it involves extremely high speed or negligent behavior of a driver. For the severe reckless driving offenses, the prosecutors impose imprisonment sentences and heavy penalty fines.

To get away with these charges, a convicted or accused should contact and discuss the case with our defense traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA as soon as possible. These lawyers will help you in getting rid of the charge and carrying out the best result for your case.


The child restraint is said to be a safety device as a seat belt or car seat, which is designed to secure a child in an airplane or a motor vehicle. As per Prince William Virginia child restraint laws, a child restraint is a child safety seat which is hard- backed and is approved by the federal government for use in both aircraft and motor vehicles.

Under the Prince William Virginia child restraint laws, a booster seat or else an appropriate child restraint is required when the child is in between the age of five to 9. Prince William Virginia child restraint laws also emphasize that all the infants must ride rear facing until both are of the age of one and weigh at least 20 pounds. There is a certain weight requirement of a child for child restraint. For a child outgrown the internal harness or height limit of a forward-facing safety seat, the range can be within 40 to 80 pounds but should be under 4’9” and within the age of 4 to 8 years and is at least 34” tall.

As per Prince William Virginia, child restraint laws children of the age 8 until 18 must be secured in a child restraint or a booster seat. On the other hand, the safety belt is necessary regardless of the seating position. Whereas children under the age of 8 years must be protected and secured in a child restraint or in a booster seat as appropriate. According to Prince William Virginia, child restraint laws children under the age of 1 must be restrained in an infant seat that is rear facing.

In Prince William, Virginia violation of a child restraint is known as a standard offense.

All children should be fastened safely in an appropriate car seat as per their age and size. A child that is appropriately secured in an approved child restraint is less likely to be killed or injured in any accident than a child who is not secured in a child restraint.

If your child is too small for the child restraint that has been specified for their age, they must be kept in the child restraint they are currently being kept in until it becomes secure for them to move to another level. On the other hand, if your child is too large for the child restraint that has been specified for their age, they can be moved to the child restraint of next level.

The laws of Prince William, VA are very strict for the proper use of child restraint. The proper child restraint is mandatory in the motor vehicles and airplanes for ensuring the safety of children. The offenders of child restraint laws are punishable and will be dealt very strictly as per the laws of Prince Williams, Virginia. The federal government is very specific about the safety and protection of children of every age. Violation of child restraint will not be forgiven, and the offender will be charged.

Loudoun Virginia Fraud Laws

Fraud is a word that rages in everyday life. In the usual or non-legal term, the word ‘fraud’ can mean anything from a simply a wrong intent to a crime. Out of court, the charge of fraud is often synonymous with calling a person a liar or a cheat. The laws on fraud, including the Loudoun Virginia Fraud Laws, contain harder opinions about fraud. It is regarded as a violation or a tort. Therefore, punishable damages take place. The damage caused by the punitive action cannot be recovered in case if there is a breach of contract. Since successful fraudulent claims often result in greater losses than conventional contracts, attorneys attempt to convert contractual claims into fraudulent claims by skillfully developing client’s complaints.

Section 18.2 of the Code of Virginia (Infractions and General Offenses), Chapter 6 (Crimes related to fraud) covers laws and articles about fraud. There are many fraud crimes, most of which are Class 1 misdemeanors. The main and most common crimes related to fraud are identity theft, error bad checks, and credit card related crimes. Therefore, if one accused of fraud in Virginia, he/she must look for the help of a fraud lawyer, who comply with the fraud laws of the state of Virginia or follows the Loudoun Virginia Fraud Laws.

In accordance with the law of Virginia or Loudoun Virginia Fraud Laws, the party that claims to be a fraud must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence of either a false statement, the material facts of the moment, evidence of knowingly and consciously committed of fraud, intention of misleading, being deceived and other resulting damages or loss to him/her. According to Chapter 6 and section 18.2 of the Code of Virginia, the definition of fraud consists of various types of separate offenses or crimes. Therefore, if you are accused of fraud, the chances are that you have also been charged with other crimes or fraudulent actions, due to which you have to resolve your legal problems in the light of Loudoun Virginia Fraud Laws.

According to Loudoun Virginia Fraud Laws, Falsifying transcripts or diplomas as discussed in the section 18.2 to 172.1), if you wish to falsify or alter a university degree or transcript, and use this document to increase financial or professional income, you may be found guilty of a third class misdemeanor. Similarly according to the section 18.2 -186, obtaining misconceptions about property or loan (sections 18.2 – 186) that are either electronically signed documents or and paper documents, regardless of whether you want to value yourself or on behalf of other people or entities. This is considered a misdemeanor of the first degree. Moreover, Section 18.2-192 about credit card implies that you may face with a prison sentence of up to 20 years, if you are going to use the credit cards of others, or if you have information about another person’s credit card without the owner’s consent.

Thus to deal with the fraud-related cases, there are many opportunities for the fraud verdict in Virginia. Therefore, it is best to talk to your Virginia fraud attorney about your situation. Fraud is a serious crime in Virginia and in the US. If you cheated in Virginia, you need a qualified agent. Therefore, Loudoun Virginia Fraud Laws and related services are provided to help you avoid fraud charges.

How to Handle the Traffic Ticket in Prince William Virginia

In Virginia State, charges of traffic violation are categorized into felonies and misdemeanors. Each type of offense carries a unique punishment. Traffic misdemeanors include first time offense of hit and run, DUI, reckless driving, etc. They turn into serious felonies when the person is charged with more than one offense, or he has kept bad traffic record. Misdemeanors are punishable by 12 months of jail sentence, suspension of license and a fine of $2,500, whereas felonies carry jail sentence of up to 5 years and a huge increase in monetary penalty. Therefore it is essential to know how to handle the traffic ticket in Prince William Virginia.

In Prince William County, the traffic-related cases are taken place in Prince William General District Court. Since the lawyers who inhabit in the city are aware of regular traffic cases brought to the court, it is advised to seek legal assistance on your case by consulting a traffic lawyer in Virginia because only he knows how to handle the traffic ticket in Prince William Virginia. They have experience in handling cases of reckless driving, hit and run, DUI or DWI, and others. Before consulting a lawyer, you should know what charges you are carrying and what type of offense of you have committed to find a lawyer whose expertise is relevant to your case. The lawyers strive to defend their clients’ cases in a legal and professional manner in the court to get the verdict in favor. Sometimes the lawyers approach the prosecution team to make a plea deal and get the case dismissed earlier. This option is available if a person has been charged for the first time. Others who obtain previous criminal records and have no hope of getting early exoneration, he will guide you and tell you how to handle the traffic ticket in Prince William Virginia. Support of an expert lawyer can help you reduce your charges and year of imprisonment.

If you are found guilty of a traffic offense, you will face some of the complexities including payment of ticket fine, reduction of points in your driving record, suspension of your license and loss of other driving privileges. Fighting the charges on your own will probably entail no positive result because you may be unaware of how to handle the traffic ticket in Prince William Virginia. That is why you need to have a lawyer by your side who will guide you how you should proceed to your case until the final verdict of the court.

Once you come to know that you are being charged with a traffic offense, you may ask yourself several questions like, what type of defense I possess against the prosecution, how much time it will take to bury my case, and what the outcome will be against from the judge’s side. The lawyer is able to answer all these questions. When you approach a lawyer, it will be then a lawyer’s responsibility to protect your rights and defend your case for the possible result. Ultimately, you will be to know how to handle the traffic ticket in Prince William Virginia and subsequently try to avoid it by strictly following traffic rules of the state.


Henrico reckless driving lawyers are a team of expert and well-experienced defence lawyers in Henrico. Reckless driving is one of the most serious offenses in Henrico, Virginia. Various accidents take place on a regular basis because of reckless driving that even result in manslaughter. For controlling this growing rate of accidents due to reckless driving, the law of Virginia has some strict punishments and charges against the offender of reckless driving violation in Henrico, VA.

Reckless driving violation offense comes under Class 1 misdemeanor under the law of Virginia. The convict of a reckless driving offense is punishable by a sentence of imprisonment for up to 12 months with a penalty fine of $2,500. Moreover, the driving license of an offender will be suspended, and the offender will lose his driving privilege for up to 6 months. Also, 6 demerit points will be assigned to the driving record of the offender.

Henrico reckless driving lawyers helped the convicted and accused to get rid of the charge by establishing a strong defence against your criminal cases. Henrico reckless driving lawyers understand that the convicted of a reckless driving offense can badly influence the personal and professional life of an offender. Many things could change after being registered in the criminal record. Educational and work opportunities can also be affected because of the reckless driving conviction.

Henrico reckless driving lawyers possess complete legal information and can handle the reckless driving offense cases very well. The defence attorney explains their clients about the charge that they are convicted of and all the penalties and punishments that come with that reckless driving offense. There are various reckless driving violations in Henrico, Virginia. One of the most common is speeding. Speeding is charged when the vehicle is being driven on the speed of over 20 miles per hour more than the maximum speed limit or over 80 miles per hour regardless of any speed limit.

However, if the reckless driving offense is minor then just a speeding ticket will be issued to the offender by the police, and if it is the severe case, then an offender can be charged with several penalties and punishments.

The local authorities or law enforcing agencies calls the accused for further investigation and research. It is better to call and consult a Henrico reckless driving lawyers as soon as you are charged with a reckless driving violation offense. The defence attorney knows evidence and proves required by the court and what defence will be effective. They prepare the defence accordingly and present it to the court to carry out the best results possible.

In some reckless driving offenses, the presence of the offender is not necessary, and their defence lawyer can represent them alone in front of the court. Nevertheless, if the case is severe, then the court requires the presence of an offender. The defence lawyers explain everything to their clients in detail to handle the case and represent the case in the best way possible.

Fairfax Virginia prohibited consensual sexual activity laws

State laws do not make charges for adult sex but considered it a crime when someone forcefully does this act. The person who do sex by involving third parties or threat another person from doing shameful act. The exposure of the genital organs in public also come in the consensual sexual activity. The person involved in this activity is not free of charge and has to face the penalties according to the state laws. The consensual sexual activity reflects the social norms of the state. The laws include in this category are sodomy, indecent exposure and statutory rape.

Consensual activity laws in Fairfax Virginia

Sodomy comes under this category. This is the type of sex involving the anal or oral penetration which is illegal. The sex between person and animal also come into this category which is unlawful. The indecent exposure also comes in this category that means the exposure of the private parts in the public for sexual arousal purpose. Breastfeeding and urinating in public does not lie in this consensual activity but masturbation exhibitionism and sexual intercourse are illegal according to this law. Carnal knowledge and the statutory rape is the third type of crime which lies in consensus activity law. Person offending anyone of this crime is considered as criminal and is liable for the penalty according to the offence as well as state laws.

Penalties against the prohibited consensual activities

Penalties and punishments vary from the type of crime offended by the criminal. Usually, he has to face the prison in jail, fine as well as registration in sex offender. Usually, the criminal is charged with the jail of two to ten years and in case of the indecent exposure, the prison ranges from few months up to one year. In a similar way for rape and other sexual cases, the fine may be up to $100,000 or $2500.

Take help of lawyer in reducing the penalty

If you are charged with the prohibited consensual sexual activity law in Fairfax Virginia and need a reduction in penalty. You can consult with SRIS group of law. The agency having the talented and skillful lawyers who know to handle such cases. You can directly contact the legal advisor by coming to our office. The lawyer will arrange a direct meeting with you. He may ask some questions related to your crime history. If you really want a reduction in charges than co cooperate with him. Your cooperation and answers to the question will help in resolving your case. We have such methods and tricks so that we can convince the judge on reducing your punishment and assure him that criminal will not do such act in future.

Come to SRIS office at Virginia, Maryland or Richmond to meet our lawyers. Discuss the case and be relax as the case is in safe hands. We assure you best services and will make a case strong enough so that you can win the case.

DWI Attorney in Chesterfield

In case you or your loved one has been charged with the offense of DWI in Chesterfield, it is necessary that you consult with a dedicated and experience DWI Attorney in Chesterfield to help you deal with the charges of DWI in Chesterfield. The implied consent law of Chesterfield requires you to take a chemical test against the charge of DWI in Chesterfield. The law entails that if your patrol office have the probable cause to assume that you are driving your car under the influence of alcohol or drugs than you have automatically consented for a breathe or blood test to measure your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level as soon as possible. However, an officer cannot force you to take the test and you have the right to refuse.

It is always better to refuse to take a Breathalyzer test if you are under the influence. This is particularly true for first DWI offense refusal because in the most of the situation if you act within 15 days, you can protect your driving privilege. Your office will inform you that if you refuse to take a test, the state will suspend your driving license for a year but they will most certainly not tell that if you hire a DWI Attorney in Chesterfield and file a stay order and petition for review than it is most possible that you are not going to lose your driving privilege at all. One more reason to refuse breathe or blood test is for the reason that there will be escalated penalties for offenders with a higher BAC level in Chesterfield. For example if you blow above .19 percent than most of the judges will try to impose active jail sentence, community service or furthermore punishment, which are usually not given to those who refuse to test or have lower BAC level.

A DWI Attorney in Chesterfield can better understand how important is your license, your job and your freedom to you and he/she will make his/her best effort to fight against the charge of DWI in Chesterfield to help you in protecting them. Being charged for DWI does not entail that you are guilty for the same. A highly experienced DWI Attorney in Chesterfield will fight for your rights throughout the legal process.