DWI Attorney in Chesterfield

In case you or your loved one has been charged with the offense of DWI in Chesterfield, it is necessary that you consult with a dedicated and experience DWI Attorney in Chesterfield to help you deal with the charges of DWI in Chesterfield. The implied consent law of Chesterfield requires you to take a chemical test against the charge of DWI in Chesterfield. The law entails that if your patrol office have the probable cause to assume that you are driving your car under the influence of alcohol or drugs than you have automatically consented for a breathe or blood test to measure your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level as soon as possible. However, an officer cannot force you to take the test and you have the right to refuse.

It is always better to refuse to take a Breathalyzer test if you are under the influence. This is particularly true for first DWI offense refusal because in the most of the situation if you act within 15 days, you can protect your driving privilege. Your office will inform you that if you refuse to take a test, the state will suspend your driving license for a year but they will most certainly not tell that if you hire a DWI Attorney in Chesterfield and file a stay order and petition for review than it is most possible that you are not going to lose your driving privilege at all. One more reason to refuse breathe or blood test is for the reason that there will be escalated penalties for offenders with a higher BAC level in Chesterfield. For example if you blow above .19 percent than most of the judges will try to impose active jail sentence, community service or furthermore punishment, which are usually not given to those who refuse to test or have lower BAC level.

A DWI Attorney in Chesterfield can better understand how important is your license, your job and your freedom to you and he/she will make his/her best effort to fight against the charge of DWI in Chesterfield to help you in protecting them. Being charged for DWI does not entail that you are guilty for the same. A highly experienced DWI Attorney in Chesterfield will fight for your rights throughout the legal process.