Fairfax Virginia prohibited consensual sexual activity laws

State laws do not make charges for adult sex but considered it a crime when someone forcefully does this act. The person who do sex by involving third parties or threat another person from doing shameful act. The exposure of the genital organs in public also come in the consensual sexual activity. The person involved in this activity is not free of charge and has to face the penalties according to the state laws. The consensual sexual activity reflects the social norms of the state. The laws include in this category are sodomy, indecent exposure and statutory rape.

Consensual activity laws in Fairfax Virginia

Sodomy comes under this category. This is the type of sex involving the anal or oral penetration which is illegal. The sex between person and animal also come into this category which is unlawful. The indecent exposure also comes in this category that means the exposure of the private parts in the public for sexual arousal purpose. Breastfeeding and urinating in public does not lie in this consensual activity but masturbation exhibitionism and sexual intercourse are illegal according to this law. Carnal knowledge and the statutory rape is the third type of crime which lies in consensus activity law. Person offending anyone of this crime is considered as criminal and is liable for the penalty according to the offence as well as state laws.

Penalties against the prohibited consensual activities

Penalties and punishments vary from the type of crime offended by the criminal. Usually, he has to face the prison in jail, fine as well as registration in sex offender. Usually, the criminal is charged with the jail of two to ten years and in case of the indecent exposure, the prison ranges from few months up to one year. In a similar way for rape and other sexual cases, the fine may be up to $100,000 or $2500.

Take help of lawyer in reducing the penalty

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