Henrico reckless driving lawyers are a team of expert and well-experienced defence lawyers in Henrico. Reckless driving is one of the most serious offenses in Henrico, Virginia. Various accidents take place on a regular basis because of reckless driving that even result in manslaughter. For controlling this growing rate of accidents due to reckless driving, the law of Virginia has some strict punishments and charges against the offender of reckless driving violation in Henrico, VA.

Reckless driving violation offense comes under Class 1 misdemeanor under the law of Virginia. The convict of a reckless driving offense is punishable by a sentence of imprisonment for up to 12 months with a penalty fine of $2,500. Moreover, the driving license of an offender will be suspended, and the offender will lose his driving privilege for up to 6 months. Also, 6 demerit points will be assigned to the driving record of the offender.

Henrico reckless driving lawyers helped the convicted and accused to get rid of the charge by establishing a strong defence against your criminal cases. Henrico reckless driving lawyers understand that the convicted of a reckless driving offense can badly influence the personal and professional life of an offender. Many things could change after being registered in the criminal record. Educational and work opportunities can also be affected because of the reckless driving conviction.

Henrico reckless driving lawyers possess complete legal information and can handle the reckless driving offense cases very well. The defence attorney explains their clients about the charge that they are convicted of and all the penalties and punishments that come with that reckless driving offense. There are various reckless driving violations in Henrico, Virginia. One of the most common is speeding. Speeding is charged when the vehicle is being driven on the speed of over 20 miles per hour more than the maximum speed limit or over 80 miles per hour regardless of any speed limit.

However, if the reckless driving offense is minor then just a speeding ticket will be issued to the offender by the police, and if it is the severe case, then an offender can be charged with several penalties and punishments.

The local authorities or law enforcing agencies calls the accused for further investigation and research. It is better to call and consult a Henrico reckless driving lawyers as soon as you are charged with a reckless driving violation offense. The defence attorney knows evidence and proves required by the court and what defence will be effective. They prepare the defence accordingly and present it to the court to carry out the best results possible.

In some reckless driving offenses, the presence of the offender is not necessary, and their defence lawyer can represent them alone in front of the court. Nevertheless, if the case is severe, then the court requires the presence of an offender. The defence lawyers explain everything to their clients in detail to handle the case and represent the case in the best way possible.