How to Get out of a Reckless Driving Ticket in VA

Reckless driving and driving distractions are significantly life endangering activities. Besides violation of traffic laws, they can harm property or life of others behind the seat and outside the auto vehicle. Reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor carrying maximum punishment of:

  • $2500 fine
  • Six (6) DMV points
  • Driver’s license suspension for six months
  • Jail time for twelve months

In case you are accused of reckless driving, you must retain a well-versed VA reckless driving defense to defend your rights and minimize the penalties as much as possible.  A slight oversight, a slight blink, a few seconds of not paying due attention to the road while driving are enough to trigger a collision. Four out of five traffic accidents are caused by some type of distraction according to official data. Here are some suggestions that can help you avoid driving distractions and always stay safe in your vehicle.

  1. TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE: It is perhaps one of the biggest distractors while one is behind the wheel. At least while you are traveling, turn off for a few moments all communication through your mobile phone device. If it is unavoidable to answer a call, it is preferable to find a safe place to park the vehicle so that, once stopped, initiate a communication. You must always be proactive otherwise you may be forced to seek specialist VA reckless driving defense.
  2. AVOID DISCUSSING WITH OTHER PASSENGERS: Many times we make the mistake of getting into a conversation while driving. While losing the papers is part of the human temperament, it is preferable to engage in certain conversations in another space and not in the vehicle. An altered temperament, a distracted and angry look directed to another side that is not the road, are precise combinations to initiate traffic accidents.
  3. DO NOT GET DISTRACTED BY MANIPULATING THE ACCESSORIES OF YOUR VEHICLE: If you travel alone and like to listen to music during the journey (preferably at a low or moderate level of sound) try turning on the radio and locate the radio station of your choice before starting the march. If accompanied, leave all those tasks to your co-pilot.
  4. THE APPEARANCE IS NOT SO IMPORTANT: If you left home in a hurry to work, and did not give you time to adjust your tie or use the proper makeup, it is preferable to leave all those details by the time we reach our destination and have parked the vehicle. Appearance may be important, but never enough to put your own life at risk.
  5. DO NOT EAT, SMOKE OR DRINK: To avoid traffic accidents, it is preferable to do only one action at a time. Eating a sandwich or drinking a soda are temptations that can wait a little longer, you will enjoy yourself better when you have arrived safely at your destination. Driving under the influence of alcohol may also result in reckless driving making you seek aggressive VA reckless driving defense.
  6. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS LOOSE INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE: It is preferable that you keep your pets in a suitable cage for such trips, since they can be nervous about any incident and distract your attention from the road.

Well, we invite you to read and take into account these suggestions and put them into practice to avoid traffic accidents. Do not forget, however, to consult with your VA reckless driving defense lawyer for expert advice.