Is a hit and run a felony in Virginia

If you were a passenger at the time of the incident, at least sixteen years of age is inside the vehicle and the driver is unable to prevent it and provides the file, you must make sure that a file is sent to the police within 24 hours From the twist of fate. Your report should include the driver’s call and address, along with the information that should be told by the use of force, as noted above.

Driving stats and running with unattended car

According to Virginia Code 46.2-896, if you are carelessly cared for or some other unique property that causes damage to the property, because your driving force should:

  1. Affordable efforts to find the owner or guardian of the property;

a If the owner of such an attribute is found:

  1. You must document the contact, address, type of driving license and all types of vehicle registration.
  1. If such a person can not be determined:
  1. You must abandon the warning or other sufficient evidence (your name, counter to the driving license number and vehicle registration number), such as identifying the driver and communicating with it at a specific location in the accident scene; and,

Secondly, within 24 hours, you must send the police crash as follows:

  1. Name, address, driving license number and vehicle registration domain
  1. Date, time and accident events and their explanation of injury.

If your injuries are saved to meet the above needs, as soon as all justice is acceptable, you must provide the police with the warrant and find the owner or guardian of the damaged car and record your name, with a motorized force License number and vehicle registration number.

The passenger is in statistics and runs an unrivaled car

If you are a traveler of at least 16 years of age, you are in the wake of the fate of the car and the driving force is not able to prevent and do the right search for the owner or maintainer of the car or the unique property or the care required above. You need to make sure that a report is made to the police within 24 hours of the occurrence. The file should include the contact and address of the propulsion force, along with the information required for propulsion by the propulsion as mentioned above.

The driver is in incidents caused by injury or death

Despite the driver’s responsibilities mentioned above, according to the Virginia Code, code 46.2-371, the driving force of any vehicle that is involved in the complexity of a destiny that injures or loses the lives of any person or man or woman without him The delay delivers attention to the twist of fate to a law enforcement officer. Failure to make the desired file is the fault of the fourth grade.

License effects

If convicted as a driving force or a passenger in an accident or accident, a vehicle that is not present or unattended, resulting in damages of more than $ 500, the court may also issue your driving license for up to 6 months Suspended. (Virginia code §forty six.2-901). It declares that if you are a driver (not a passenger) of a vehicle in an accident that causes injury or death to others and you have not identified and identified your incident, your DMV will stop you. A driver’s license for 365 days. (Virginia code 46.2-389). If you have been sentenced to four times to be hit and drive a car, either as a driving force or a passenger, or for a race, the court must cancel your driving license for 5 years. (Virginia code §forty six.2-394).

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