If someone is charged with a reckless driving offense in Fairfax, the most important step to be taken is defending the future against the criminal charges. Reckless driving attorney Fairfax is focused to represent their clients that have been charged with any kind reckless driving offense in Fairfax VA.

Reckless driving attorney Fairfax focuses all the traffic laws, and with all the legal information that they have, they represent their clients and assist them as per their criminal case. The defense attorney in Fairfax has their practice areas limited that helps them to focus and concentrate on becoming familiar with the operation of every particular court. The detailed knowledge about courts, criminal charges, and penalties help the Reckless driving attorney Fairfax to advise their clients in a best possible way.

Under the law of Fairfax, Virginia, reckless driving offenses come under Class 1 Misdemeanor. Offenses that comes under class 1 misdemeanor are the criminal offenses which are punishable by up to 12 months in jail and a penalty fine of about $2,500. In addition to this, the license of an offender will also be suspended for up to 6 months. Reckless driving is a serious offense that carries 6 points which can stay on offender’s DMV record for at least 11 years.

One of the most common kinds of reckless driving is over speeding. According to the law code 46.2- 862, over speeding is charged when a driver is exceeding the maximum speed limit of an area to 20 miles per hour or 80 miles per hour regardless of the maximum posted speed limit. Additionally, there are more severe reckless driving offenses described under the law code 46.2- 852 that are considered to endanger yourself, someone else or any property. This kind of cases is mostly cited in the accident cases when the damage is severe.

Our Reckless driving attorney Fairfax are well-experienced and focused on their work. The offer the best representation of their clients and work attentively to carry the best outcome possible.

Our Reckless driving attorney Fairfax helps their clients in the understanding of the criminal charges that they can face. They assist their clients from the discussion of the case to the court proceedings.

The reckless driving offense is not a speeding ticket, but it can be charged as one. The law of Fairfax VA is very strict on the reckless driving offense. Because of the growth rate of accidents in Fairfax, VA, it is a priority of the lawmakers and local authorities to monitor and control the reckless driving offenses. The prosecutors and judges have also become very harsh on these offenses, especially if it involves extremely high speed or negligent behavior of a driver. For the severe reckless driving offenses, the prosecutors impose imprisonment sentences and heavy penalty fines.

To get away with these charges, a convicted or accused should contact and discuss the case with our defense traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA as soon as possible. These lawyers will help you in getting rid of the charge and carrying out the best result for your case.