Reckless Driving Petersburg Virginia Penalty

Reckless driving is considered to be a crime of high illegitimacy all around the globe, but when it specifically comes to the Laws designed by U.S Government, rules become stricter in regard to this crime. As per U.S traffic regulations every act of driving subjected to rash driving where lives and property of people around are endangered is known as reckless driving. These rules and regulations are abide in all states of United States of America including Virginia. It is considered to be a major intervention even more than that of improper or careless driving in the traffic laws prescribed by the State Government of Virginia. It follows almost same rules as rest of Virginia does. Under the light of Virginia code 46.2-862 every person driving on the roads of commonwealth are subjected to reckless driving if:

  • Driving at a speed beyond 20 miles/hour;
  • Driving at a speed more than the limit prescribed; and
  • Driving at a speed which approaches 80 miles/hour.

Every country or state have their own specific way to punish the guilty ones. In USA these laws and punishments are even stricter and especially in Virginia. An expensive fine is possible along with jail for at least six months or it can be prolonged to one year as well, which depends on the results of the situation, and your driving license can also get suspended for at least six months. In addition to these punishments government will also add a conviction for reckless driving in your driving record with can make even tougher for you in future, regardless of the fact that it is your first driving conviction or your good previous driving record. According to the Virginia law the punishments are:

  • Fine of up to $2500
  • A detainment of up to a half year, however in complex cases it can be up to a year
  • Suspension of driving permit for a specific period.

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