Sexual Battery in Henrico Virginia

What is a sexual battery in Henrico Virginia?

Sexual battery refers to the sexual crime where the offender forcefully maintains a sexual contact with the victim. This may include Intentional touching, grabbing or groping. Sexual battery is defined as touching the intimate parts of an individual without their consent with an intention of arousing them. This even includes threating a 3rd party to touch the intimate parts of the victim.

The difference between Sexual Battery and Rape

The main difference between a sexual battery and a rape is that rape involves intercourse, whereas a sexual battery does not involve a sexual intercourse.  The offender can touch the victim over the clothes as well as he can forcefully unclothe him/her.

What is Henrico Virginia Aggravated Sexual Battery?

According to Fairfax Virginia Code, Section 18.2-67.4, the aggravated sexual battery charges are applied in the following conditions:

  1. The victim of the offense is a minor under 13 years
  2. The victim of the offense is a mentally incapable or physically disabled person
  3. The offender is the direct guardian of the minor aged 13 to 17 years old, such as parent or a grandparent
  4. The victim is seriously injured during the offense
  5. The offender has used a dangerous weapon to threaten the victim

Penalties of sexual battery in Henrico Virginia

The penalties of sexual battery vary with the criminal offense

  1. For Aggravated Sexual Battery, the offender has to face the jail time of one to twenty years along with a fine of a $100,000 maximum
  2. For Attempted Sexual Battery, the offender has to face imprisonment for One to five years along with a fine of $2500 maximum
  3. For Sexual Battery when Infected, the offender has to face five-year imprisonment along with a fine of $2500 maximum
  4. For Sexual Battery, the offender has to face One-year imprisonment along with a fine of $2500 maximum

Apart from these penalties a sex offender even has to register themselves in the sex offender registry of the state. Registering as a sex offender in the state’s registry has many disadvantages in a longer run.

Disadvantages of sex offender registry in Henrico Virginia

If your name is registered in the sex offender registry of the state, you might have to face many restrictions even after completing your initial penalties. These restrictions also include the Residency Restrictions where the sex offenders are not allowed to reside within the 1,000 feet perimeters of any educational institute, a childcare facility, or near the victim’s residence.

Can a professional sex crime defense lawyer help me in defending sexual battery charges in Hanover Virginia?

A professional sex crime practicing defense lawyer can help you a lot in mitigating your charges in Hanover Virginia. The experienced defense lawyer would help you in designing a perfect defense strategy based on your evidence, which could help you in turning the case in your favor. Apart from this, the Professional sex crime defense lawyer of Hanover Virginia will represent you in the court, dealing with the harsh prosecutors firmly.