Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer Cost in King William VA

Here is where the tires are on the road. Cruel driving in Virginia is a kind of class 1 abusive practice and has a variety of potential punishments and serious long-term consequences.

Punishment for Ruthless Driving in VA

Cruel Virginia Driving

Virginia’s Disappointed Confidential Sentence is Maximum:

Six (6) DMV Points

$ 2,500 is good

6 months suspension driving license

12 months in prison

Virginia’s rude drive

Virginia’s reckless driving laws are defined under traffic laws, as defined in the Act as ยง 46.2-862. Too fast:

One should be accused of driving reckless driving a motor vehicle on the Commonwealth Highway (I) at speeds of up to 20 km / h in excess of the maximum speed limit, or (ii) over 80 miles per hour Regardless of the maximum applicable speed limit.

Cruel Virginia Driving First Attack

People who have been accused of driving reckless driving in Virginia are often surprised at whether they will take the most torture on terrorist charges. The first violators of Virginia’s reckless driving laws are covered by fines, penalties, and prison times. Just because your first crime does not mean that you should slowly take this situation.

Your specific punishment will be different for driving recklessly depending on the reality of your case, the driving record and the local judge who hears your case. But let’s look at any possible punishment.

You need to jump to reckless driving information:

Possible Prison Time

License suspension


Long-term consequences:

Premium increase

Security problems

To lose a job

Permanent record of punishment