There are various traffic laws and regulations in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but the most common is that people get fines for violating the speed limit. As the population of the state continues to grow, traffic congestion also does so. Therefore, people drive quickly out of hassle and frustration or because they are already too late to arrive somewhere. But Virginia’s reckless driving laws are charged as a felony criminal offense when a person drives over 80 mph or twenty mph over a specified speed limit.

When you have received a ticket for driving twenty MPH over a specified speed limit, then you will bear a reckless driving charge, requiring you to pay a fee for three years regularly. In case of first Virginia speeding ticket misdemeanor, you will bear a $350 fine.  However, a second reckless driving offense is a felony, requiring the convicted to face a fine of $1,000 annually for three years.

Additionally, you can face $30 fine when you are caught driving too slowly. Virginia courts also add an extra $62 fee to each traffic ticket conviction besides the fine related to your actual offense.

Traffic ticket fines are typically due within forty days of your initial citation. When you fail to pay your due fees by the due date, then you could not only face interest charges, but also your ticket could go to collections, and a judge may issue an arrest warrant against you.

Although sanctions for traffic violations cannot only be significantly expensive, they can include receiving points on your license, attending a mandatory driver improvement class, suspending your driving license or even imprisoning you if the violation is serious enough or if you have repeatedly committed breaches of Traffic Laws. While people do not think much as needed, a conviction for a criminal traffic offense could adversely affect a person’s ability to get a job, financial help for school, or their ability to drive at all.

Why Should I Hire a Traffic Attorney?

If you have been issued Virginia speeding ticket misdemeanor charges, there are several reasons why you should retain a well-versed traffic lawyer.

First, if you hire a Virginia traffic lawyer from the beginning, they can help negotiate the ticket to a minor violation that does not result in the addition of points to your driver’s license before you even make a plea.

Second, if you choose not to plead guilty and bring the matter to trial, the trial will last 10 minutes, and there will be no jury. But having a traffic lawyer is actually the cheapest way to handle a ticket because you will not have to lose your job on the day you enter a plea or the day of the trial. In addition, having a traffic lawyer on board gives you the best chance to win in your traffic judgment.

Older Virginia speeding ticket misdemeanor charges, tickets with the failure to appear, and tickets that have gone to the collections are relatively more serious and pose some more unique challenges, but having a reliable Virginia traffic lawyer could save you a lot of money as well as your driver’s license. If you have a serious traffic problem, consider hiring a traffic lawyer that can help you avoid points, expensive fines, and increased insurance rates.