What Are The Penalties For Theft In Virginia

Virginia thieves laws

In Virginia, crime-related crimes have been largely decaying, robbing, and stealing. Stealing is stealing (or stealing) and falling and entering. Larceny is a mistake to steal a person without using violence. On the other hand, theft is a person or force that steals a certain amount of money from a man or woman. Following are the faults of Virginia Fraud and Robbery. If you have applied for theft, steal, or stealing, please contact a Virginia Weapons Lawyer (additional information).

Larceny (18.2-nin five, 18.2-96, 18.2-ninth, 18.2-23, 18.2-108.01, 18.2-104)

Although strikers are not common in Virginia, it is encoded to bear the very first principles of crime: Character (1) deliberately (2) and (3) Personal property (4) taken (5)) by another person (6) . In Virginia, the loss of large-scale and small alcoholic beverages (referred to as “petty” money) is noticeable at the expense of stolen goods and whether it is immediately claimed by the owner or not now.

Grand Lurney (18.2-95 section)

According to clause 18.2-95, the character is a man or woman guilty of a great plot:

(A) at least $ 5 of each person, at least one asset, or one;

(B) the value of the value of the item is US $ 2,000;

(c) Shoot the gun (without charge).

Big crafty criminal. Thus, a person responsible for large-scale torture is a prisoner of the prison, while 200 years in jail, while the jury or court will have the prison sentences of less than 300 fewer and fewer inmates. $ 2,500 is good. Section 18.2 – Fine.

Patricia Larsini (18.2-96; 18.2-104)

According to clauses 18.2, a person who steals more than $ 5 or a man or person (1) is wrong for a person who steals. Objects (now not tools) are everywhere. Petit larceny is a plastic misconduct, and consequently the character of petty abduction has been imprisoned for twelve months and / or has increased to $ 2,500. Forty-six of the 18.2 clauses; 18.2-eleven (a).

However, if a person is guilty of a guilty person’s offense and if a person has previously made a ruling in a criminal court to convict you of some kind of fornication, the person will be imprisoned between 30 months and twelve months. Section 18.2-104

Further, if he is considered to be at least an excessive deficit, he / she will be guilty of six class criminal charges. Section 18.2-104 In the case of a person in Class 6 Prison, a person was found guilty of being sentenced to five or five years imprisonment by a prisoner of justice or a court of law, and the impairment of 12 months imprisonment and / or $ 2,500. Section 18.2-10 (f).

Some animals and prosperity (Part 18.2-97)

It is a separate mistake in Virginia, where a man or a woman steals positive poses. Fungi animals for some animals, especially animals, vary. First, if a man or a woman is stolen, if a class five persons are imprisoned or the woman is found guilty:









In the case of one case, the character has less than 10 to 10 years of age, a sentence of a jury or court, the imprisonment of one year imprisonment and / or imprisonment of less than $ 2,500. Section 18.2-10 (e).

If a person or a woman is stealing it is certainly responsible for the destruction of animals or cockroaches:

Indeed, chicken is worth more than $ 5





If this person or woman has stolen over $ 200 more than the listed animals, this guilt will be severely punished (see the Grand Mercenary categories shown above). On the other hand, if a person is stealing anything less than $ 2 in any of the above-mentioned species, the character of a 6th-rank criminal is responsible, convicted of a five-year or five-year prison sentence, or a resignation of a jury or an expiring judgment, Prisoner with less than twelve months and / or First Class $ 2,500. Sections 18.2-104; 18.2-10 (e).

Limited 18.2-23 (B)

If the plot (1) is plotting, the cost of the stolen goods, in fact, if it is sacrificed for more than $ 200, if a plot is committed, or a stolen person (2) is liable, the person is responsible. Section 18.2-23 (B). The prison is conspiring to commit the victims’ conspiracy, and a person responsible for the crime is sentenced to ten years in prison. In addition, a man or a woman is in a shop and deliberately suppressed