What Is the Difference between a Speeding and Reckless Driving Ticket

Reckless driving and speeding ticket are two different crimes. Although a speeding ticket will not get you into a misdemeanor or felony charge but still, it is considered a crime. Reckless driving has the speed limit according to the code of Virginia, but where do we find it different? Well, when you are driving over a speed limit or if you are driving recklessly which puts others life in danger or their property, then it is a reckless driving offense. For more detailed information on both of the crimes, see below;

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving can be classified as crimes involving speeding, visibility, vehicle control, and carelessness. In the speed category, reckless driving is driving at 20 mph over the speed limit or speeding at over 80 mph, which can also be considered racing. Driving too fast for current road conditions can also be considered reckless driving.

Currently, there are 13 different statutes on reckless driving in Virginia. They include:

  1. general recklessness,
  2. loss of control or driving with improperly adjusted brakes,
  3. passing over a hill or around a corner,
  4. driving with obstructed vision,
  5. passing two auto vehicles in a single lane,
  6. passing a stopped school or college bus,
  7. passing at a railroad grade crossing or intersection,
  8. driving too hastily for traffic conditions,
  9. failing to give reasonable signals,
  10. exceeding the speed limit,
  11. driving too fast for traffic conditions,
  12. not yielding the right-of-way, or
  13. Driving “recklessly” on parking lots.

Each Inappropriate Management statute requires specific defenses. For example, below the section that counts as reckless driving in Virginia to pass a school bus, the prosecutor must prove that:

  1. the driver did not stop or remain in custody when approaching a school bus; and
  2. That the bus was school and that it was proceeding to unload or load passengers.

Under the section that qualifies for reckless driving with poorly adjusted brakes, the prosecutor must prove that:

  1. the driver was not in control or had inadequate or incorrectly adjusted brakes; and
  2. Walked the streets of Virginia.

Speeding Ticket

In Virginia, whether you were pulled over for over speeding, or you cross that red light a little too close, getting a Virginia traffic ticket is no amusing thing to do. Do not worry – you will find all the basic information you need to clear your Virginia driving record and avoid a costly insurance climb right here.

If you get a traffic ticket in Virginia, your initial step is to choose how you will further proceed or confess yourself as: guilty or not guilty. Confessing will expect you to pay your fine by the date noted on your reference. Speeding ticket fines may be not quite the same as running a red light, so make sure to peruse your ticket or contact the court to decide the amount you owe. Your fine can be paid through the mail or on the web. With a guilty conviction, both the infringement and fault focuses will be added to your Virginia driving record. You might be qualified to take a Virginia driver change course to win safe driver focuses or to diminish your fine, yet this is up to the court to choose.